Best Diesel Car 2016 In Australia And Canada

If you have decided to buy a new car, then there are several things that should be taken into consideration. Usually, we will not settle down with a single car as we want the best of all. If you are looking for the best diesel car in the latest model in Australia, then you can choose the Subaru Forester.  This vehicle comes with the choice for four engines. The cost of basic model is $30,990 that has 2.0 liter engine. In order to get the automatic version, you may have to spend another $2000 but you will get 2.5 liter engine. With this automatic model, you will also enjoy other advanced features such as cruise control, seven airbags, full size spare wheel, reversing camera, Bluetooth, automatic air conditioning and many more.

Innovative features included in Subaru Forester:

Another version of Subaru Forester comes with 2.5i L engine along with leather steering wheel, tinted windows, front fog lights, sliding center console, alloy wheels and so forth. You will enjoy different features in various versions of the car. Electric driver seat, auto wipers, sun roof, auto tailgate, smart key, satellite navigation and 18 inch alloy wheels are other beneficial features that you will get with this car. You can take advantage of Subaru Eyesight system by paying $1500 additionally.  This system includes two stereo cameras that watch the road keenly and auto brake the car for avoiding the accidents. In addition, it also sends warning signs when the vehicle travels into different lane and then controls the speed as well.diesel car

Interior of car:

The Subaru Forester includes a clever interior design and is inspired from Impreza. It delivers stylish textured plastic around the radio whereas its font seats are extremely comfortable. In simple words, Forester is categorized as the tallest yet compact SUV running on Diesel. In the rear seat row, there is plenty of room for knee and even four people can sit more comfortably. It also includes a rectangular luggage cover which is handy enough and awesome.

Engine and performance:

State of the art engine is used in this vehicle to offer high end performance. One of the most innovative features of this vehicle is that its auto start stop feature. It is less invasive when compared to other models as well.  Subaru Forester has come up with an engine providing 126 KW of power and 235 Nm of torque that could work well with variable transmission. The manufacturer claims that the vehicle can deliver the efficiency of 100 kilometer in 8.1 liter. Subaru has scored five stars in the safety tests. There are seven airbags which ensure utmost safety to the passengers. With spacious interior, well designed exterior, great dynamics and affordable pricing, Subaru Forester is really the best diesel cars of 2016 in Australia.

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